A potential list of traction channels for your startup business. Some or a combination of these can be used at different stages. The list is not my original, but a compilation from various sources. Let me know if I’m missing anything or anything novel that you’ve tried and has worked for you.

  1. Viral Marketing – Getting existing users to refer others to product
  2. Public Relations (PR) – Coverage in Newspapers, Magazines
  3. Unconventional PR – Publicity Stunts, Contests, Giveaways, Great customer support
  4. SEM – Place paid ads on Google, Bing and their Display Networks (ads on non Google sites), retargeting
  5. Social and Display Ads – Ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, Foursquare, Youtube, Reddit etc
  6. Offline Ads – Ads in TV, Radio, Magazines, billboards, yellow pages, direct mail, buses etc
  7. SEO – Improve ranking in Search Engines using a specific content strategy
  8. Content Marketing – Publish Blog Articles, White Papers
  9. Email Marketing – Acquire emails via marketing; engage, retain, referrals
  10. Engineering as Marketing – Make useful tools such as calculators, widgets to get company in front of potential customers
  11. Targeting Blogs – Target blogs that are widely read by your target customers
  12. Business Development – Exchanging value through partnerships
  13. Sales – Generate leads, qualify, convert
  14. Affiliate Programs – Create own network or use existing network like Commission Junction, ClickBank etc
  15. Existing Platforms – Apple Store/Play Store Optimization, Chrome Extensions
  16. Trade Shows – Attend and present at Trade Shows
  17. Offline Events – Sponsor Meetups, Conference Events, Treasure Hunts
  18. Speaking Engagements
  19. Community Building – Building Connections amongst users of product
  20. Analysts – Establish relationships with Research Analysts from Forrester/ABI/Gartmer/TechNavio etc
  21. Participate in RFPs – Big companies/goverments issues Requests for Proposal that you can submit proposals to. Don’t be intimidated by size / revenue requirements