I have been running in Srirangam for the past few days. Before the trip gets over, it would be interesting and a challenge to run around the island. 

What I see is quite disappointing. There is so much trash on the streets, Packs of dogs roam in all streets and pose a menace to themselves and humans. It is very hard to find a stretch of green to run on unless you venture out into the banks of Kaveri and Kollidam. The flood bank roads are themselves in quite a bad condition. 

 I used to run on the Old Kaveri bridge as a teenager and in recent trips. Now, the bridge is overrun with trash and presents a ominous sight. For awhile, the Exnora group kept the bridge in shape and it’s sad to see it’s dilapidated state now.

For sure, Srirangam population has significantly increased since 2011. Latest census information is not available yet. Population explosion is evident by the number of new apartments, cars, two wheelers and public transport. Unfortunately, it has contributed to significant degradation of green spaces – trees, parks, mango and coconut groves. Is there a willingness in the Civic body to manage growth of this beautiful island?

The island has so much potential amidst it’s glorious history. It can be a leading place to live as well as attract tourists from all around to enjoy it’s rich history. 

I plead with the citizens to cut down trash, force the municipality to implement robust street cleaning measures, remove debris on the streets, do ethical control of street animals, pause new development, create a few new parks.

I love Srirangam and don’t want to see it degrade further. Let each one of us do our part to keep it clean.