It’s hard to be interesting every day. I have been staring at this screen for 10 minutes now and surfing between various topics that I can write about today.

My mind naturally went to politics and current affairs. The signal to noise ratio is too high and nothing special for me to say. I like that insurrectionists are being tracked down using their own digital breadcrumbs. I do want to see accountability at the highest levels. The second impeachment was a good start.

Whatsapp and Facebook’s disastrous week comes to mind, but nothing insightful there. Lots of Signal however. That new download graph of Signal is astounding. India and Elon Musk have done unto Facebook that Congressmen couldn’t do despite so many hearings.

Well, today is also Pongal, an important festival in South India. It is called by various other names in India. This day marks the end of the Southern journey of the Sun (Dakshinayana) and the beginning of it’s northward movement (Uttarayana). It’s time for the traditional post harvest celebration in every household. I practice max carb and sugar load by consuming Sakkara Pongal made with copious amounts of Ghee.

Last few days, I read the book Becoming by Michelle Obama. It was absolutely a fascinating story of a woman and family catapulted into the highest office of the land by sheer hard work, talent and guts. That we reached a Zenith in that office and the Nadir we have reached now is a telling story of what a nation can do to itself.

As the Sun begins it’s northward journey, let’s wish for brighter times ahead.